Why these stars won’t act together

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 We are not talking about the Khan wars – nor are we talking about rivalries here, these are just stars who do not want to work together! Here’s why.

Why Shahid sonakshi won't act together

Sonakshi – Shahid:

It all began with Sonakshi saying no to the Hindi remake of the Tamil movie Vettai. Sona felt that a hero centric role would not be the best option for her career. Shahid, we hear has been saying she would look too old for him onscreen.


Why Sonakshi Ranveer won't act together

Sonakshi – Ranbir

There are reports that Shahid’s good friend Ranbir has also said that Sona would look too old if she is paired with him. However, she has been reported to be very keen to work with him.


Why Vivek Bipasha won't act together


Bips said a firm no to an item number in Vivek Oberoi starrer Zilla Gaziabad. This also meant that Bips was out of the movie.


Why Emraan Hashmi & Sunny Leone won't act together

Sunny Leone – Emraan Hashmi

Not even the sexy Sunny Leone can tempt Emraan Hashmi. But, there is nothing personal about it says Emraan. “I have recently done Murder 2. And I guess one erotic film is enough for a long time, I have no intentions of working in another one, as of now.”. We get your point Emraan.


Why Madhuri Dixit & Sonam Kapoor won't act together

Sonam – Madhuri

Madhuri, who is making her comeback to Bollywood was offered a role by Anil Kapoor. To play mom for his daughter Sonam in the remake of Mark Water’s film ‘Freaky Friday‘. And, Mads, said a firm no.


Why Sanjay & Mallika won't act together

Sanjay – Mallika

Sanjay Dutt was interested in doing the remake of ‘Amrapali‘ but as talks progressed and he came to know that it was Mallika who was being zeroed in as the leading lady, Sanju Baba said he was not interested. He resorted to the oldest trick in the books – saying that he had a clash of dates!


Why Salman & Kamal won't act together

Kamal -Salman

Salman Khan has backed out of remake of the southern flick ‘Vettayadu Vilayadu‘ and that is not all. Salman who is busy with Dabanng 2, has even said no to the Jackie Chan movie with Kamal.



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